Dr. Ojistah Horn

Dr. Ojistoh Horn is a Mohawk from the community of Kahnawake. She is the eldest daughter of her mother Kahn-tineta Horn. She left Kahnawake when she was five, and went to elementary, middle, and public school in Ottawa. She moved back to Kahnawake after the Oka Crisis. She did an undergrad (bSc) in Anatomy and Cell Biology as well as a Masters (MSc) in Epidemiology and Biostatistics at McGill University and then worked as a researcher for the Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project. She interrupted this work to go to medical school at the University of British Columbia, then completed McGill's Family Medicine residency program with a fellowship in Maternal and Child Health. Dr. Horn now resides in Kahnawake with her husband and children, a mixed family of six children. She works mostly at the Kateri Memorial Hospital Centre where she does regular family medicine as well as long term geriatric care, short stay acute care, prenatal care, and well baby care. She also works in a hospital near the community where she practices low risk obstetrics and hospitalist medicine. Providing health services for such a diverse set of problems is the hallmark of Family Medicine, and Dr. Horn is proud to have met her lifetime goal of providing such services within her own community. Delivering babies and following them through their infancy and childhood is the most rewarding. Her auntie, Katsi Cook practices and teaches midwifery, and has a strong knowledge of Mohawk and Iroquois birthing traditions. Dr. Horn is excited to learn her perspective, to see how these practices can be incorporated so that she may provide better, more culturally appropriate pre-conceptual, prenatal, birthing, and post-natal care to the families of her community.